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Membership Packages Tailored to Suit Your Needs and Ambition....

Call us now, 02392 601144 to book a no obligation tour of our facilties and to discuss membership packages and prices. We recognise that this is a big step for many people, an investment in your future, so we want you to make the right decision for YOU.

Group Workplace and Corporate Discounts
Join with a group of work colleagues, have lots of fun exercising in both the gym and the pool and receive generous discounts - even for small groups. Please ask for a separate price structure.

Visit our website regulalry to watch out for special membership offers or subscribe to our newsltter to keep up to date with promotions and training tips.

what's on offer....?

Miracles New Gym
  • Gym Facilities
  • Gym Facilities consist of FREE use of...
  1. >> Fully Equipped Gym including
  2. >> Cardiovascular equipment for heart and lungs and calorie burning
  3. >> Resistance Suite for strength and toning muscles
  4. >> Aerobics
  5. as well as these services at a small charge (depending on Membership level), Personal Programmes, Mini Fitness Sessions
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Miracles Swimming Pool
  • Wet Facilities
  • Wet Facilities consist of FREE use of...
  1. >> Swimming Pool (at selected times)
  2. >> Sauna
  3. >> Jacuzzi
  4. as well as these services at a small charge (depending on Membership level)
  5. >> Waterworks Classes
  6. >> Personal Pool Programmes
  7. >> Swim Lessons and courses


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Personal training
  • Personal Training
  • Training with our qualified and experienced Trainer.
  • Great for motivation and accelerated results! Nutritional and dietary advice and that extra one-to-one exercise attention that you may require.
  • In addition we offer Bootcamps for members with specific gaols and time frames e.g. our Bridal Bootcamp
  • Ask at about our packages at Reception
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Miracles Fitness and Wellbeing
  • Other Facilities and Relaxation
  • As part of Miracles Spa, these include...
  1. >> Spa and Beauty Salons
  2. >> Hair Salon
  3. >> Exclusive Membership discount of 10% on all treatments and packages over £15
  4. >> Personal Training
  5. >> Massage & Relaxation areas


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