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benefits of regular exercise

These are just some of the many benefits of regular exercise and activity.

Heart Disease & Heart Attacks
Exercise can cut the risk of heart disease by 50% and make a difference in how well you survive a heart attack.

Dieting Is Not Enough
Exercising and dieting are the best ways of losing weight; eating low calorie foods alone is not effective in reducing obesity.

Cellulite War
Exercising is the major weapon in war against the growth of cellulite cells, if you exercise at least three times a week you will help prevent the onset of cellulite.

Stress War & Blood Pressure
We all wish to avoid stress, aerobic exercise will help your heart deal with stress and it also lowers blood pressure.

Burn Off Calories
Calories are still being burnt off even after exercising. The extra energy used during recovery after a 60 minute bike ride is equivalent to an additional 17 minutes cycling.

Better Longer Life
Exercise will help you to lead a longer and better life, you will sleep better, will be to recreate more, thus enjoying more of your daily pursuits, which in turn will leave you stress free.

Reduce Arthritis Pain
Studies showed that arthritis patients working out on a stationary bicycle decreased the severity of arthritis and improved aerobic capacity and mobility.

Exercise also helps with the...
Reduction of varicose veins
Alertness of your mind
Alleviation and prevention of bad backs
Combats osteoporosis and less fracture risk

our expertise

The Heart of Fitness and Life

Here at Miracles we will evaluate your ability to respond to endurance activity by conducting a “Steady State Evaluation”. This will be carried out on your first visit and monthly thereafter, to highlight improvements in your fitness levels and to set a new workload for the following 30 days

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The Importance of Strength

Strength does NOT mean that one develops large muscles. A strong, well-toned muscle is actually 20% more compact than fat. In simple terms, regular strength training will help you improve your shape and appearance


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Healthy Eating

Eating a healthy balanced diet will help you lose or maintain your weight. A healthy balanced diet will help you to:

• Have a healthy body
• Enjoy life to the full
• Feel good

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Stretching and Flexibility

Because it would appear to make no immediate impact on your body shape. Flexibility is often the forgotten element of fitness. In reality, it is just as important as aerobic efficiency and strength


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